We support research & development teams building the next generation of the internet.

At KaJ Labs, we value quality ideas over hierarchy. We're driven to create quality products and services that improve the lives of the world’s consumers, now and for generations to come.

— Joel Kasr, Founder

The Foundation

Who We Are

Founded in 2017 by Joel Kasr, the KaJ Labs foundation is the driving force behind the AI blockchain platform, Lithosphere™. The KaJ Labs Foundation is an international non-profit foundation that was formed to support the development of Lithosphere and the ecosystem that will contribute to the Lithosphere Network.
The Foundation has research laboratories in Seattle, WA and Singapore with other remote employees around the world.


Outreach & Engagement

Our Apps For a Cause℠ $2M program helps nonprofit organizations reach and engage supporters, improve operations and raise awareness for their cause. Eligible nonprofits can apply for this pro bono opportunity by articulating their vision of how decentralized apps (dApps) could further their mission through better use of blockchain technology.

The Pledge


Connect The Internet of Value

We’re committed to creating decentralized products and services that work for the greater good around the globe. We’re driven to build censorship-resistant applications powered by AI & Deep Learning to improve the lives of the world’s consumers.