AGII takes a significant step forward in the Web3 AI landscape by locking up 500 million tokens, constituting 10% of its total supply, using FlokiFi Locker. This strategic move enhances the security and accessibility of AGII assets while contributing to the platform’s role in the evolving Web3 environment.


Key Features of FlokiFi Locker:

Efficient NFT Locking: Easily lock multiple NFTs in a single transaction with FlokiFi Locker’s user-friendly “batch lock” feature.

Flexible Locking Periods: Users can lock and vest tokens for an extended period, demonstrating AGII’s commitment to value preservation.

Multi-Token Standard: FlokiFi Locker supports various assets in a single contract through the ERC-1155 multi-token standard, aligning with the versatility of Web3 AI platforms.

Streamlined Asset Locking: Simplify processes by locking multiple assets or asset types in a single transaction with FlokiFi Locker.

Compatibility Across Blockchains: FlokiFi Locker’s compatibility with various EVM-compatible blockchains ensures flexibility and accessibility in the dynamic Web3 landscape.


Lockup Details:

200M AGII BEP20: Locker Link

300M AGII ERC20: Locker Link


This lockup underscores AGII’s commitment to securing assets, contributing to the platform’s role in the Web3 AI landscape. Stay tuned for updates as AGII continues to evolve in this space.