The Finesse Play to Earn (P2E) game series currently features two chapters: Shadow Warriors and The Kingdom.

Finesse is a multi-series intense platformer with mixed RPG elements. NFTs from both games will be payable across the Finesse game series.

The first chapter of Finesse is Shadow Warriors. In this chapter, a legendary warrior fights through the corrupted world of Draponia to free it from the hands of the devil Lucifer. Users can upgrade abilities using gold and diamond collected from enemies and the environment in order to keep track with the difficulty of the game.

The Kingdom is the second chapter from the Finesse game series. The Kingdom features simple yet addicting gameplay, giving players thrilling moments and unexpected experiences. The RPG elements allow users to upgrade warrior skills and dwell into the depth of the game’s mechanic.


The Kingdom is also based in Dapronia. Once a prosperous kingdom, Dapronia has fallen. An ancient darkness reborn savages the land with brute force. Crops decay, winds scream with rage, and the dead stir. In his lust for power and forbidden knowledge, a king has forsaken his people to ruin.

Jot Art games have a player-owned economy where players can own, buy, sell, and trade resources they earn in games through skilled-gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem.

In-game items in the Jot Art metaverse are represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). As more games are released, characters in the Jot Art metaverse will be playable across games with the ability to earn, stake or sell all owned characters and most in-game objects. Users are be able to buy, battle and earn additional tokens and collectibles that can be exchanged for cash at many exchanges.

Staying true to Lithosphere’s mission of interoperability across all existing blockchains, initially the Jot Art metaverse will support NFTs from XRPL and BNB Chain (BSC), and in the near future, Jot Art will support additional chains once Lithosphere mainnet launches.


Blockchain technology is used to record ownership of tokens and allow owners to transfer/sell/use them without restriction. Distributed data storage will used to store the actual digital asset and ensure the asset cannot be changed without owner permission.

Three different blockchain protocols will be integrated into Jot Art gaming stack:

● ERC-20, BEP20 and LEP100 for $JOT

● ERC-1155, ERC-721, AND BEP721 for the Digital Assets storage and trading.

Networks Supported

  • Lithosphere
  • XRPL
  • BSC

– Mobile (iOS & Android)
– Web / Desktop


Users will be able to trade their NFTs from the Jot Art marketplace with a wide selection of weapons like light-sabers, grenades, bullets, next-gen guns, land and more objects. Weapons and all in-game accessories will be bought using the $JOT token, the Jot Art metaverse’s native token. The JOT token will also be used for governance of the Jot Art DAO.


A game needs players. By simply playing the game, community members are adding value to the network and should be rewarded. It’s simple, but revolutionary.

The play to earn issuance represents 20% of the total JOT supply. The goal of the play to earn tokens is to attract a wide range of players to the Jot Art ecosystem in the hunt for token rewards and to give ownership and stake to the most active community members.

We envision using the play to earn portion of the issuance to reward key behaviors within our ecosystem such as:

  • Competing in the arena and winning matches.
  • Winning tournaments.
  • Interacting with and tending to your land plots.
  • Using the Jot Art NFT marketplace.
  • Breeding.
  • Using future Jot Art products that haven’t been announced yet.

Play to Earn allocation allocations could potentially be decided by governance over time.

The JOT tokens earned through the Play to Earn allocation will initially be open for trading immediately.


Finesse games don’t require initial investment to play in Adventure mode (PVE) but do require purchase of NFT to access Arena mode (PVP) and additional game content / battles. 

  • Holders of Finesse games NFT future Mythic collections will be able to earn daily rewards as well through staking.