Supporting Innovative Web3 & AI Projects/Teams.

“The KaJ Labs Foundation offers grants in LITHO, JOT, BTC and stable coins to qualified teams and individuals that can successfully bring meaningful contributions to Web3 & the Lithosphere ecosystem.” – Associated Press (AP)


Geared towards developers that have created high potential early-stage apps or services and have demonstrated the ability to execute. The grant is unlocked in stages based on the achievement of measurable milestones where applicable.

01 Best for early stage apps.
02 $50K -$200M grant in size.
03 Larger upfront grants unlocked as your user numbers and Lithosphere economy grows.
04 Available only to new apps and developers applying before 31 December 2024.
05 Application subject to review and approval.

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Content Creator

Grants available to community members to provide informative LITHO and Lithosphere ecosystem related original content which is shared across social media channels.

01 Articles: Write an article about LITHO or Lithosphere Ecosystem projects and post it to social media (500 words minimum including at least one graphic).
02 Videos: Videos must be at least 90 seconds and posted to YouTube.
03 Content must be about the utility of LITHO or Lithosphere Ecosystem projects, or the mission of KaJ Labs (i.e. content must not contain trading advice or secondary market information). Content cannot be self-reported materials.
04 Apply for the grant after the content has been posted and provide the link.
05 Grants are up to a maximum of $100,000 in LITHO , Stables or BTC. Award is based on approval and discretion. The amount of the award depends on the amount of engagement to the article / video and quality of content. Limit of one grant per individual.

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How to apply
for a grant


Tell us a little about yourself, your experience and of course, your pitch! Be sure to include links to any MVPs or materials to support your application. The stronger your application the better the chances of your success.

Application review

The KaJ Labs Foundation reviews grant applications on a rolling basis. As your application is considered, you will receive updates via Telegram.


We might ask to meet with you to discuss your application in more detail or ask you to provide further information.


Applicants will be notified via Telegram whether their proposal has been accepted or not.

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