In the recent few weeks, we have experienced some of the most revolutionary and heartbreaking feats all over the world. Amid the death of George Floyd, following protests around the U.S. and a repeated call for ending police brutality, companies from all industries are speaking out on issues of racial and social injustice. The Black Lives Matter movement ignited conversations that most people were scared to have surrounding the topic of racism. We are living in a remarkable era where topics that used to be touchy subjects aren’t touchy any more.

Black Lives Matter goes beyond the boundaries of Black versus White. There are many misconceptions around it where people feel like one race is trying to say they matter more than the other. That is not the point. The point is everyone wants to live in a world where they don’t have to take a deep breath, wondering if that might be their last breath whenever a police car pulls them over. Or even when two people of different races go to apply for jobs, one person getting the advantage because of their race. These are just a few of the social injustices, and we need to take a step back and educate ourselves and generations to come. These types of situations have been happening for a very long time. Now we are at a point where we need to educate ourselves and see how we can change the narrative.

And that’s how Tech Start-Ups come into the picture. Tech companies, especially start-ups, can play a considerable role by educating people about racial injustices through blogs like this. Tech Start-Ups can do a better job hiring people from all backgrounds to help reduce the gap and other injustices other people face. Doing so allows the public to know where tech start-ups and companies stand on issues encompassing systemic racism. More importantly, it often cultivates a safe and inclusive work environment for their black employees. Every company can help in any way they can to help people closer rather than break them.

We all can do something to help with both social and racial injustices. Again the movements that are going on right go beyond racial issues. This is the time we need to take to learn and help each other get back on track.