Diplomats are the heart of our community. Join our program to help build a better crypto experience for everyone.

At Lithosphere, we are focused on creating the best possible user experience and Diplomats play a major role in acting as a bridge between Lithosphere and our communities around the world.

Lithosphere Diplomats are passionate volunteers from within our community that support our platform in various ways, primarily promoting the Lithosphere ecosystem and assisting our user base with questions and concerns. Lithosphere Diplomats are community builders at heart. They are everyday users from all walks of life, countries, cultures, and ethnicities who give voice to our Lithosphere ecosystem.

What are the benefits of becoming a Lithosphere Diplomat?

Get exclusive invites to all our events, either as a privileged guest or organizer. Receive special access to members of the Lithosphere team and get invited to special Lithosphere Diplomat meet-ups featuring senior Lithosphere team members alongside our global Diplomat community. You’ll also receive limited-edition gifts, made exclusively for Lithosphere Diplomats. Finally, your feedback and suggestions will help shape the future of the internet.


  • This is a volunteer position. While some of these activities offer payment, not all of them do, and there are no monthly stipends or payouts. But all members will get access to Lithosphere Diplomat benefits as soon as they are accepted.
  • In-line with regulatory requirements, U.S. citizens or residents are not permitted to apply.
  • In order to comply with local regulations we will not be accepting applicants from Singapore at this point in time.