Lithosphere (LITHO) Blockchain intends to burn 2.5 Trillion Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) during FINESSE: Shadow Warriors gameplay.

Lithosphere core developer, KaJ Labs is bringing gaming utility to Terra Luna Classic (LUNC), while speeding up the burning process to manage LUNC’s supply. The Lithosphere project and KaJ Labs are committed to supporting LUNC in additional games and cross-chain dApps.

The Lithosphere team is presenting a roadmap for implementing Terra Classic & burning 2.5T LUNC in the Finessegame series.


Lithosphere ($LITHO) — FINESSE P2E LUNC Burn Roadmap

Q4 2022

  • Announce LUNC burn in Finesse P2E game.
  • Official launch of Shadow Warriors chapter (with $LUNC support)
  • Terra Classic devs co-announcements
  • Initial LUNC burn on marketplace fees

Q1 2023

  • Implement LUNC burn on NFT sales in Finesse games
  • Increase monthly burn quota in shadow warriors by 20%.

Q2 2023

  • Implement LUNC burn on cross-chain $lunc swaps
  • Increase monthly burn quota by 20%

Q3 2023

  • Implement LUNC burn on select full level asset upgrades.
  • Increase monthly burn quota by 20%

Q4 2023

  • Allocate $JOT burn for LUNC.
  • Additional burn mechanism implemented.
  • Increase monthly burn quota by 20%

Q1 2024

  • Implement LUNC burn mechanism in additional Jot Art (JOT) games & Lithosphere (LITHO) projects .
  • Increase monthly burn quota by 20%.
  • Onboard millions of players.

Q2 2024

  • Allocate $LITHO for LUNC burn
  • Increase monthly burn quota by 20%.
  • Onboard more gamers.
  • Official launch of Finesse: The Kingdom
Finesse Genesis NFTs

About Lithosphere (LITHO):
Lithosphere is the next-generation network for cross-chain apps & services powered by A.I The Lithosphere network introduces a novel consensus algorithm, a new token standard and other innovations like Deep Neural Networks(DNNs) to make smart contracts smarter with the help of AI.

Lithosphere’s vision is to connect all blockchains and break the barriers between blockchains by allowing them to transact with each other. The end goal is to create a connected network of blockchains, a network of blockchains able to communicate with each other in a decentralized way.

About Jot Art (JOT):
Jot Art is the cross-chain metaverse to play, create, own & earn. Jot Art’s mission is to provide an ecosystem for everyone to create amazing, distributed virtual experiences with community and player-owned economies.

The first game from Jot Art is the RPG Finesse game series. Finesse currently features 2 chapters; Shadow Warriors & The Kingdom. The Finesse series takes a Play-to-Earn (P2E) approach to reward players after battle wins.

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